Professional IT and software development specialist, Marco Botter is the founder and soul of Mixink. A passion turned into a job: more than twenty years of programming are today the foundation of a solid business project, supported by a network of stakeholders and a production laboratory with more than forty years of experience.
A quality inspired by the Made in Italy philosophy which distinguishes several fields. Expertise, innovation and a look to the future.

Why "Mixink"? A precise name that indicates a set of diversified, concrete and easily recognizable skills. Each experience is get "down on paper" like ink: a winning mix from which the Marco Botter’s company was born. Young and dynamic, Mixink wants to establish itself in the very competitive marketplace of industrial electronics.
The goal is clear: providing a service truly dedicated to industry and the working needs of our territory. Starting from the essential, the foundation of the project, to create complex IT products customized for the customer. From bit to built.

Diversified but concrete skills, service dedicated to industry, customized products for the client.

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