Dynamic website development and back-end and database development through PHP, Javascript and HTML5 languages.

Dynamic Websites
PHP, Javascript

Mixink is highly specialized in dynamic website development and in the structuring and customization of the back-end part according to customer needs. Data collection and server-side management, as well as the creation of complex databases and the entire administrative / control part or the remote monitoring: Mixink plans each step, from the acquisition of the information to their management and sharing through user-friendly interfaces.

Our best warranty? A 100% tested programming through the development of PHP, Javascript, HTML5, Perl, SQL, CSS3; languages for PC and/or microcontrollers Java, C++, C#, .NET, Visual Basic, Assembly; markup language LaTeX to write professional texts.

Moreover, Mixink will be your unique interlocutor for the entire creation, development and networking process of web applications. In a nutshell: simpler procedure, shorter times and guaranteed results.

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Web application for estimate management




Remote sensing systems for various types of plants


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